Wednesday, March 13, 2013

📢🍁R.I.P William Quinn - The jail guard who died September 11, 1971 from the head injuries he received from a beating to his head during the Attica State prison riot

"Now for the first time ever said in public, I'm saying here tonight I took a stick, I hit a guard in the head, he went down, he started bleeding, he had blood coming out of his mouth, But I was not the only one"

From: (9/11 Truther) John Boncore
Subject: Re: Splitting the Sky trial
March 8-12 2010
To: "Anthony Hall"
Cc: "Kevin Barrett" , "Josh Blake" , "Richard D. Brinkman"
Date: Thursday, August 6, 2009, 3:13 PM

Hey Tony, (Anthony J. Hall Lethbridge University Globalization Studies) 
Good to see that you are still alive in cyberspace somewhere as you seem to have gotten lost when I was under attack by a worthless piece of shit (Brinkman) who byutter jealousy tried to have me neutralised as a candidate for the 911 blogger honor roll. This highly suspect piece of shit govt agent then has the racist nerve to demand an apolgy by myself for his blatant racist smear campaign to have me labeled as a murderer without using the words accused or alledged and of course he willfully knew he was violating even the most elemental rules of journalism. Anyways I would appreciate if you dont call me until I see something in black and white on the net addressed to said piece of shit. By the way said piece of shit was in total support of your nomination to honor roll but his racist elitist midget mentality bastard couldnt possibly understand who fed you tons of leads in the quest for answers to 911 being an inside job and as well basically brought you into the fold. I really didnt give a crap to be on the honor roll as I already knew that the 911 blogger pretty much puts people of color on the back pages of its blog and and keeps it front images to the lily white professionals of the world. By the way you should school this punk on whose land this really is and who the real immigrants are. Hopefully shit for brains will get infurated at this mirror reflection of himself and cry around( like he did 20 times I know of threatening to quit the 911 movement) to others who have not weighed in on this matter.


March 13, 2013: The man who was the only inmate convicted of murder following the famous 1971 Attica, N.Y., prison uprising, and who 38 years later tried to make a "citizen arrest" of former U.S. president George W. Bush in Calgary, has died. The body of John Boncore, 61, was found March 13 in his home on the Adams Lake Indian Reserve in British Columbia, Barb McLintock of the B.C. Coroners Service said Monday. He reportedly had fallen earlier nearby, she said, but the cause of death has yet to be released because the investigation is ongoing. "There is nothing to suggest foul play," she said. The death was reported last month in local B.C. media.

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